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Shekas Dogs International All kinds of Dogs Training With door steps in Chennai City - Adyar

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Shekas Dogs International All kinds of Dogs Training in Chennai India. shared Shekas Dogs International All kinds of Dogs Training in Chennai India.'s photo. Yesterday Dear Friends,

Shekas dogs International all kinds of dogs training door steps in Chennai City.for Basic Obedience(Controlled your dog Walking,(Leash Manners)Sit,down,rest,sleep,roll.come.fetch refuse your dog,Guarding and Attacking(Personal guarding with owners.20 classes.Kidly visit website. » » » » » »

One month boarding and Training in Basic Obedience K 9 Advance Explosive training and SECURITY training with food and ACCOMMODATION for the cost with Rs,75.000 only Training Details 1. Selection of dog trainer: Ensure the trainers are properly certified by competent authorities. Experience and past history in dog rearing. Must be affectionate towards pets. Clear tone is a quiet essential commodity. Haring clean habits. Determined and punctual. 2.Kennel Manage ment Kennel management : Pets should be made to feel all at easy in kennels. Points to ponder: They should feel the kennels as their own. After play time, the place should make them to feel relaxed. Privacy should be intact. Safety and protection. Should be kept clean and dry. Floors should be washed with dettol like cleansers. If the dogs are let in before the floor dries, they will develop skin allergy. Pets should be trained to urinate once in two hours. Pets are highly prove to lectophyrosis and jaundice if they are allowed to prowl an excrete. Kennels should be well aerated and provided with adequate light source. Mosquito repellents should be installed out of reach of pet. 3.Grooming Grooming for the period of at least half an hour after training is quiet inevitable 1.ticks check up 2.ear and eye checkup chipping 4. Dressing and medication incase of any injuries 5.brushing. Note that hair fall happens twice a year for pets .They are namely weight ,weightless .when weightless hair floats in the air .it causes allergy to the people in the surrounding .hence ,the hair should be gathered and put in dustbin after brushing. 6. Finger massage. When wounds are found on the skin, they should be instantly dressed lest the houseflies will sit on the wound and lay eggs there. The eggs will form into worms, which will make the life of the pet quite miserable. Turmeric will make the wound dry .Camphor is a proven remedy for wounds. Coconut oil will also help to heal the wounds. Neem oil helps in reducing the allergies to a considerable extent. Ear should be cleaned once in three days lest the accumulated dirt in ear will fill the ear with unpleasant odor. Cotton should be wrapped round the little finger to clean the ear. 4. Food and Nutrition Methed The food pattern is quiet important in rearing pets. It should be recognized at the earliest which food timing pattern a particular pet follows. Food timing should never be changed. It should be made sure the food provided to the pets contains required amount of calcium, and multivitamin. Liver tonic should also be continued. 5.Basic Obedience 1. Heel Walk , (Leash manners,) 2. Distance Control (Sit, Getup, Down, Rest, Flat, Roll & Stay ) 3. Come when call. 4. Retrieving. 5. Refusal of food. 6.K 9 Advance SECURITY training Protection Program can teach your dog a variety of skills that include: 1. Barking on command 2. Biting on command 3. Identifying the scent and locating a hidden attacker 4. Handling multiple attackers 5. Protecting your homor property

Explosive dog training program: From Shekas Dogs International No.3/432.Pandian salai 1st street, Neelangarai,Chennai.Tamilnadu. India.600041. mobile: 0 9884009869

sub: join (looking partner) to run my Shekas dog training centre to develop in International standards in my country . First time intraduce SHEKAS DOGS INTERNATIONAL K 9 explosive dog trainer course details.kindly inform to your company. Shekas dogs international (kindly visit my website an exclusive course where the dogs are trained to detect the explosives. The course duration would be 7 weeks. The basic requirement to undergo this course is that, the dog to be trained should have already passed a basic obedience course. Basic obedience includes the following commands: 1. Salute 2. Heel walk with lead and without lead. 3. Distance control ( Sit , stay , down , rest , flat , roll) 4. Article retrieving. 5. Refuse full of food 6. Speak & Quite 7. Refuse full of food 8. Speak & Quite If dog to be trained obeys all the above commands, then it is eligible for the explosive dog training program. How is it done: There are two phases in explosive dog training program: Phase 1: Sniffing Phase 2: Searching Phase 1: Sniffing In this phase the dog is trained to Identify the explosive by smelling its scent. There are four stages under this phase. 1. First the dog is trained to Identify the soup scent. 2. Second the article scent. (Article here refers to dumb-bell, ball, Bones, Toys etc) 3. Third the Gunpowder scent. 4. Finally the Different type of the scent of the explosives. Phase 2: Searching

In this phase the dog is trained to search for the Explosives ( bombs) hidden in different areas. This phase includes the following steps: 1. Ground search 2. Building search 3. Luggage search 4. Human body search 5. Vehicle search Training classes:

Everyday morning one hour and evening one hour, hence per day two classes. Therefore for 140 classes for 70 days. For the training period of 70 days, including food and shelter .

Timing schedule:

06.30 hrs to 08.30 hrs dog training 08.30 hrs to 09.30 hrs breakfast 09.30 hrs to 10.30 hrs grooming 11.00 hrs to 1200 hrs lunch 16.00 hrs to 17.30 hrs indoor and outdoor training 17.30 hrs to 18.00 hrs grooming 18.00 hrs to 19.00 hrs dinner Terms and conditions: 1. Dog breeds preferred for this training are Labrador , German shepherd, and golden retriever only. 2. We will train only dogs with kennel club registration. 3. A proper medical history sheet should be maintained. 4. A medical certificate from any government veterinary doctor, to ensure that the dog is physically fit for this training. 5. Age group preferably from 5 to 9 months old. 6. Each dog should be provided with a handler and an assistant for training. (Handler will be taught to train the dog and assistant will be taught to groom and maintain the dog)

Selection criteria for handlers:

1. He should have great affability for dogs. 2. He should be physically fit to control the dog. 3. A clear tone of voice in order to command the dog. 4. Should have clean habits i.e. teetotaler. 5. Should have good determination power. Thanks Best Regards R.Senthil kumar

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